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Factory Floor Cleaning

Factory Floor Cleaning Services
Western Sydney

 Welcome to O`shea`s factory & warehouse floor cleaning services in Western Sydney. Workshops, factories and warehouse floors often need cleaning to maintain a safe and clean work environment, our commercial floor cleaning services are available 7days or nights as we understand your business must come first. 

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Warehouse Floor Cleaning & Waste Water Capture

 We offer a concrete floor pressure cleaning services that can capture and recycle all waste water without interrupting the general flow of business to a certain extent. Clean & capture pressure cleaning services helps prevent any polluted water and solids from entering storm water drains, creeks and rivers.

Our factory & warehouse floor cleaning services removes grease and oil, dirt build up, fork lift tyre marks, line marking paint, glue, paint and any other foreign matter that has penetrated the concrete floor. The concrete cleaning process can vary as we may be applying a protective coating afterwards or you may your self to decide to seal or paint floor surface, so the concrete surface must be prepared correctly so the protective sealers and floor paints can be adhesive to the concrete, it`s very important to understand before we simple clean your factory or warehouse floors without applying the right method first.   

Factory Warehouse Floor Painting
 Factory floor painting services can help maintain a clean and safe work space, floor painting can help brighten darken areas, reduce concrete dust and help maintain a cleaner worker place.

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