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Concrete Floor Grinding

Western Sydney

Concrete Floor Grinding Services

 Welcome to O`shea`s concrete floor grinding services based in Western Sydney, our concrete grinding services prepares the concrete surface for epoxy floor coatings, concrete topping, surface leveling removing any trip hazards.

Floors can be ground down utilizing diamond, abrasive stones, or sand paper. concrete grinding can remove the thin film coating although the primary objective is to smooth en floors and open the pores of the concrete. Grinding can be accomplished in a dry mode using vacuums to collect concrete dust or in a wet mode when job conditions require it. We offer floor grinding machines in various sizes from hand held to walk behind models.

Based in Sydney West we service Penrith, Blacktown, Cumberland and Parramatta council areas

Concrete Floor Polishing Services

The process begins by grinding and smoothing a concrete floor with diamond-impregnated abrasive discs that are fitted to large, heavy duty floor grinding and polishing machinery. Depending upon the original condition of the concrete floor to be treated, the first step of the process typically begins with coarse diamond pads that level the floor surface. The process then moves through a succession of steps using progressively finer diamond pads, increasing the smoothness of the floor with each step. The original condition of the floor and the desired level of finished polish determine the selection and number of steps.

After completing the abrasive smoothing steps, the final step of the process is to apply two coats of a high-performance chemical densifier. The use of the chemical treatment is necessary to penetrate, densify and harden the exposed cement paste located in the top 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch of the floor. The resulting shine of the smoothing process is quite impressive, and takes concrete floors to a new visual level.

Shop & Retail Floors
Airplane Hangars
Car Parking Stations
Airport Runways
Food Processing Plants
Tennis Courts
Auto Mechanical Workshops
Machine Shop
Vinyl Tile Mastic Glue Removal

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