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Epoxy Floor Coating

Floor Epoxy Coating Services Western Sydney

 Welcome to O`sheas`s floor epoxy coating services based in Western Sydney servicing home & commercial floor epoxy applications. Epoxy flooring is the ultimate type of floor coating. It`s durable, easy to maintain and resistant to different types of chemical spills.

 Used for both residential and commercial applications, epoxy will give your factory, garage or shop floor that showroom shine that says "Hey look at me".  Depending on which application you choose, you can select from a variety of understated solid colors and hues, to custom colors and blends of color flakes that match your style.

 One of the toughest and most durable surface coatings that you can apply to a garage floor today is an epoxy coating.  Not only does it protect your garage floor, it can instantly transform your boring or ugly concrete into a professional looking floor of beauty and function.  And since the garage is fast becoming more than just a place where you park the car, the benefits of garage floor epoxy have quickly made it one of the top choices.

Non-Water Spotting
High Gloss
Excellent Adhesion
Extremely High Chemical Resistance
High Build Application
Abrasion Resistant

Bonds Strength Stronger Than Concrete

Servicing the greater sydney west areas of Penrith, Blacktown, Cumberland and Parramatta council areas

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